CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare Card - Loyalty Program

CVS Pharmacy Prescription Discount Card

Together with CVS Pharmacy Prescription Discount Card, improve the quality of your health ✅ and save on drugs, medicines and other pharmacy chain products - participate in promotions and use coupons for customers ⭐️ that are available in the loyalty program.

How Can I Get a Discount at CVS?

Take part in the CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare loyalty program and start saving and earning on absolutely every purchase.

To get a discount card you need:

  • Go to
  • Click on the «Join ExtraCare now» button
  • Complete a simple registration
  • Verify your details via the link in the user's email

How Can I Get a Discount at CVS?

Having fulfilled all the conditions above, the user gets the opportunity to become a member of the loyalty program immediately after the end of registration.

Using a printer, you need to print a map on paper, its physical version will be delivered by mail within 14 days.

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Don't forget to use your card with every purchase. Otherwise, the accrual of remuneration will not occur.

How Do I Activate My CVS Card?

Activation of the CVS card occurs automatically without user intervention from the moment it is received, both in digital and in physical format. The CVS company takes care of its customers so that they start using profitable offers as soon as possible.

Note! You can only have one CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare card per account. In case of loss of the card or inability to access your personal account, you should contact technical support.

How Do I Add a Discount Card to My CVS App?

For more control over the accrual of rewards, add a CVS pharmacy mobile app discount card.This option will allow the user to track rewards for spent purchases.

How to add a card in the mobile app:

  • Download the CVS pharmacy app
  • Create an account
  • If you already have an account - log in as a user
  • Enter the card number in your account

How Do I Add a Discount Card to My CVS App?

Note! The account is the same for all online CVS sites. This means that by creating an account on the site, you can also enter the mobile application from it.

Download mobile app

To more effectively manage savings within the loyalty program, we suggest using the CVS Pharmacy application. By installing the application, you will be one of the first to know about the arrival of new products, as well as receive exclusive offers based on the history of your purchases.

Download mobile app

To download the CVS Pharmacy app, go to the following link:

For Android phones and tablets:goglepay En

For Apple phones and tablets:apple En

How Do I Look Up My CVS Card Number?

The ID number of the discount card is located on the back side under the barcode. Do not expose it to unnecessary damage that may cause scanning problems.

Can I Use CVS Card at Target?

Undoubtedly! The CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare loyalty program operates within the Target ecosystem. Get 10 prescriptions and get a $5 discount coupon at Target.