Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance

Check online Walgreens gift card balance

I offer you options on how to check Walgreens gift card balance using only official sources without going to third-party resources using options such as checking the balance online, visiting the official store, calling the hotline, using a mobile application, as well as Visa, MasterCard and American Express gift-card.

Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance Online

The easiest way to check the statement is to visit the Walgreens official website and check online. To do this you will need:

  • Open the official website page. You can follow the link below.
  • You will see a window with a form to fill in
  • In the first line of the form, type in the card number
  • In the second line you have to enter the code
  • Then press the button
  • You will go to a new window where you will see an account statement

Online Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance

Important! The number and code are on the back of the plastic. The number consists of 19 digits to be entered without any spaces!

Get Walgreens Gift Card Balance by Phone

Another option is to call the customer support hotline. To make a call you will need to:

  • Make a call to the following number: +1-877-248-5555
  • Wait for the robot assistant to answer
  • Select "Gift card verification" option
  • Select "balance check"
  • Enter the general number
  • Enter the security code
  • Listening to the balance information

Note! you will be charged for the call, based on the rates charged by your mobile operator.

How to Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance in Store

You can also check the statement of your gift card by visiting any official store. What you need to do this:

Important! For correct display of the map with the stores do not forget to turn on geolocation on your device.

Check Walgreens Gift Card Through Application

In addition to all of the above methods, you can also use a mobile app to check your statement. To do this you need to use the following steps:

  • Visit the page of the official store at this link
  • The page will open
  • Select your phone operating system
  • You will be redirected to the marketplace of your phone
  • Download the application
  • Open the app on your phone
  • Sign in
  • Go to Gift Cards
  • The form will open
  • On the top line enter 19 digit number
  • On the bottom line its security code
  • Click Execute
  • Check your balance

How to get balance from mobile app

Be careful! In no case do not install the application from third-party sources as it can lead to loss of your finances!

Get Walgreens Visa Gift Card Balance

To check the statement of your Visa gift card, you can use all of the above methods, namely:

  • Check using the official website
  • Make a phone call to a customer support hotline
  • Drive to the nearest store
  • Add a card in the personal area of the mobile app

All methods of application will be performed identically as above. That's why there should be no problems with balance check!

How to Get Walgreens MasterCard Gift Card Balance

The only difference between the MasterCard and Visa plastic is that it uses different banking ways of processing finances, which you will not feel in any way when paying with a gift-cards. All methods for viewing the balance are outlined and described above. Among them: the store's website, calling the hotline, at the store's cash register, checking the card in the app's personal cabinet

Walgreens American Express Gift Card Balance

In addition to the Visa and MasterCard gift-cards, there is also the American Express gift-card. You can also buy it in the store or by visiting the website. Its cost starts at $25 and ends at $100. To view your account balance, the same options apply as for the above cards. The following options are used: checking online, a trip to the store, calling on your cell phone, mobile app.


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