Check IGA Gift Card Balance

Check IGA gift card balance

A few simple ways to check the balance of an IGA gift card 💳: at the store's checkout, in a mobile application, by calling the hotline number or online on the supermarket's ✅ official website. You can find out the current value of the account at any convenient time.

How to Check IGA Gift Card Balance Online

The main way to check the balance of an IGA supermarket gift card online is to use the company's official website. To do this, the buyer needs access to the Internet and perform a number of simple steps:

  • Go to the official website at
  • Enter card number
  • Enter PIN code
  • Press the button «Check Balance»

After the done actions, the current balance of funds will be displayed on the screen.

View IGA gift card balance online

Important information! The number and PIN code are located on the back of the card, under the magnetic strip. Do not pass this information on to third parties.

How to Check Balance in Store

The second and easiest way is to check the balance directly at the store's checkout. It is enough to give your card to the cashier and ask him to report the balance of funds on it.

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Also, this information will be duplicated at the bottom of the settlement document issued to the buyer after settlement at the supermarket checkout.

Note! Account information is updated after each purchase.

Check Card Value by App

The third way is to use the mobile application, which is provided free of charge to each user. First you need to download the application to your phone or any other device running the Android or IOS operating system.

  • Download application
  • Install on your phone or tablet
  • Run on device
  • Register (for new users)
  • Find out the account balance

By mobile Application

You can install such an application from the official app stores from the AppStore or Google PlayMarket.

How to check IGA Gift Card Balance by Calling

Another common account verification option is to use the company's hotline number. In this case, it is enough to dial the supermarket support number on your phone - 1-800-832-07-17.

After connecting with the operator, inform him of your desire to know your gift card balance. To do this, you need to give him your card number, after which an employee of the company will report the current balance of funds.

Note! The cost of the call will depend on the tariff of your mobile operator.