King Soopers Gift Card Balance

How to Check King Soopers Gift Card Balance

There are several ways to How to Check King Soopers Gift Card Balance✅, namely: online - on the store website, by calling the customer service call center, through a mobile application and directly in the supermarket ⚡️.

How to Check King Soopers Gift Card Balance Online

To view the balance of funds on the King Soopers gift card, you can use the store's website, you also need Internet access.

To use this method you will need:

  • Go to the official website
  • Enter card number
  • Specify Pin code
  • Click on the «Check Balance» button

How to Check King Soopers Gift Card Balance Online

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After updating the web page, the remaining balance of the card will be indicated in the center. Pin code and card number can be seen on the reverse side.

Check King Soopers Gift Card balance by Phone

You can also find out the balance of the card by calling the store's hotline at 1-886-221-4141. In the process of communication, the call center employee will ask leading questions in order to make sure that the card is in the hands of its owner.

After that, the operator will request a card number and report the balance of money.

wIt is worth noting that if the technical support staff lacks the information provided by the card owner, they may ask about the last payment made by this card.

The call is paid according to the subscriber's tariff plan.

Check Card Value by App

Verify by Mobile App

Another method of checking the balance on the card is the free mobile app King Soopers.

To use this option, you need to do the following:

  • Download application
  • Install mobile add-on
  • Launch the smartphone application
  • Register
  • Login to your personal account
  • Link a card to an account

The mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, as well as from the official website of the supermarket.

It should be remembered that while the card is not linked to the personal account in the mobile add-on, the card will not be displayed despite the buyer having it.

Verify balance in the Store

For the convenience of buyers, you can check the gift card account without leaving the cash desk right in the supermarket. To do this, you need to get to the cashier and report the decision to check the balance.After scanning the card, the cashier will inform the owner of the balance of funds.

It should be understood that the balance of the card is updated each time it is used.