Check Kroger Gift Card Balance

How to Check Kroger Gift Card Balance

Let's look at how to check Kroger gift card balance ✅ using four different options: on the official supermarket portal, using a mobile application, at the store's checkout and by technical support number ⭐️.

How to Check Kroger Gift Card Balance Online

To check the balance of a Kroger gift card online, you need to go to the official website of the store. This method is one of the main and most comfortable.

To do this, follow a series of simple steps:

  • Go to
  • After that, the menu for entering card data will appear
  • Mark card number
  • Enter PIN
  • Click on the «Check Balance Now» button

How to Check Kroger Gift Card Balance Online

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The back of the gift card has all the information you need to provide on the website. If the buyer has any difficulties, you can always use the search on the supermarket website or go to the «Frequently Asked Questions» section.

Check Kroger Gift Card Balance by Phone Number

To find out the balance of a gift card, you can also use the store's hotline at 1-886-882-6252. The call center will need to be informed of the decision to check the balance of funds.

Next, a technical support employee will conduct a short oral survey of the buyer and then request a card number.

After the information received, the operator will report the balance. If all the dispatchers are busy, the call center fixes the call and will call you back.

How to Check Gift Card Balance in Store

You can also view the account balance on the card directly in the supermarket. This method is the simplest of all.

What is needed for this:

  • Visit the store
  • Go to the checkout
  • Contact the cashier and declare the desire to check the balance of the card
  • Present the card to the merchant
  • After that, the store employee will announce to the buyer how much money is left in the account

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If necessary, the buyer may require a receipt, which will indicate the amount of available funds.

Kroger Gift Card - Check balance in mobile application

You can check the remaining amount on the gift card by installing the Kroger mobile application.

To use the smartphone program for this purpose, you must:

  • Launch mobile app
  • Register
  • Pass authorization
  • Link a gift card to your personal account

Kroger Gift Card - Check balance in mobile application

The mobile application is available in several app stores such as Google Play, App Store or on the store's official website.

The app only works if you have an internet connection.


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