Loyalty Program Stop And Shop Go Rewards

Stop and Shop Go Rewards

By participating in the Stop and Shop Go Rewards loyalty program, purchase goods in the store ✅ and receive points to your personal account, which can be used as payment for subsequent orders ⭐️ or discounts

Accrual of bonuses on a discount card

Regular Stop and Shop customers can take advantage of the bonus offer. To do this, you need to purchase a discount card at the checkout to accrue bonuses and register on the website or in the mobile application.

What are the bonuses for:

  • For any purchases in the store
  • For every online purchase
  • For the fulfillment of special conditions in the personal account

Accrual of bonuses on a discount card

For every $1 spent, get 1 bonus point. Bonus points are awarded for any purchase. You can check the number of bonuses in your personal account on the website or in the mobile application.

How do I participate in the Go Rewards Stop And Shop program?

Buying with Go Rewards Stop And Shop, get unlimited savings potential on the purchase of all goods in the supermarket chain.

By participating in the program, get guaranteed bonuses and great offers.

How to participate in the Stop and Shop Go Rewards program:

  • Install mobile application
  • Register on the site
  • Purchase a loyalty program discount card
  • Make a purchase of goods both online and in a chain of stores
  • To register a user account, you must:
  • On the site or in the mobile application, indicate your First and Last name
  • In the specified field, enter your mobile phone or email address
  • Log in as a user

How do I participate in the Go Rewards Stop And Shop program

Remember! The more purchases, the more bonuses. Don't miss out on these insanely great deals.

How do I link my Stop And Shop card to Go Rewards?

For the convenience of users, the Stop and Shop discount card can be easily connected to the Go Rewards program.

To connect the card you need:

  • Create a user account on the website or mobile application
  • Specify email and choose a password
  • Confirm the password that has been set
  • Click on the «SAVE» button
  • In your personal account, click «Connect card»
  • In the specified field, enter the number of the store's discount card

Enjoy You Rewards

Be careful! Do not disclose your card number to third parties. Do not forget to check your personal account for exclusive offers, specially selected for your preferences.

Bonus points expiration date

You can use bonus points at any time convenient for the buyer. The user has 30 days to choose what to spend bonus points on. After the redemption points are assigned, the buyer has 30 days to use these bonuses.

Pay attention! Bonus points that were not spent within the time limit allotted by the promotional offer are burned out irrevocably.

Download the Stop&Shop app for the loyalty program

For more comfortable access to the loyalty program, use the Stop&Shop mobile application. You can download the mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play.

To use the mobile app you need:

  • Download the application on any official available resource
  • Pass a simple registration of the store user
  • Confirm your data in your personal account

Introdusing Go Rewards

The application will allow the user, without looking up from his smartphone, to monitor the availability and number of points on the bonus account, as well as manage his purchases and other promotional offers.

Attention! Do not share any information about your user account with anyone, the store's technical support will never require a password from your account.