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Albertsons employee login - how to Logi n

Albertsons employees can login into the direct2hr self-service system and use the online platform to get information about work schedules, benefits and vacations, payroll and more.

How to SignIn Albertsons Employee at direct2hr

Employees of the company do not self-register in the employee service system.

Registration is handled by the personnel department, after being hired, the employee receives a personal login and password to access the web portal.

Note! You are not allowed to share your login information with third parties.

How to Login to Albertsons Employee - direct2hr.opc.albertsons

There is only one way to access your personal account - use a specially designed web portal - direct2hr. To log in, an employee needs to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter username
  3. Enter a password to access this user
  4. Click on the «Login» button

how to login to albertsons employee system

If everything was done correctly and such a user is activated in the system, then you will get access to the employee’s electronic account and will be able to use all available services in it.

Can't login to the alberstons employee's system

If you are unable to access your account, please follow the steps below:

  • Check if the username is entered correctly
  • Check if the access password is entered correctly

Call the HR department and report a problem with access to your personal account. Your manager should resolve this issue within a few hours of submitting the request.

How to Change Password and Login

Store employees cannot independently change the login and password for access to the online system.

This opportunity is available only to the personnel department, which keeps records of employees and independently issues such data.

Therefore, in order to change the data for entering the direct2hr portal, you must leave a corresponding request to the administrator.

How to preview my schedule |

The web portal of employees of the Albertsons chain of stores is good because it allows employees to independently view and make their own proposals for the work schedule and vacations of employees.

To view your work schedule:

  • Go to
  • Enter your login and password in the login form
  • Go to the «Work Schedule» section

employee schedule preview

You can get information on the work schedule in a different period - a week, a month. Schedules are adjusted by the store administrator.


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