Albertsons Store Gift Card

Albertsons Shop Gift Card

With the Albertsons Store Gift Card, you can make purchases in 400 stores of the chain and in 2000 supermarkets of other chains, the card can also be used as a birthday present for your loved ones ✅, and even if the card is not needed, it can be exchanged for almost the same cost ⭐️. The buyer can issue a suitable denomination from $5 to $500.

How can I get gift card at Albertsons?

There are two types of Albertsons gift cards: plastic and virtual. It can be ordered both for yourself and for a gift to any dear person.

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How to issue a card:

  • Must be logged into
  • Click on the «Gift Card button»
  • Indicate to whom the card is ordered
  • Fill out the form on the site

How to issue a card

If the card is ordered for oneself, then at checkout it is necessary to indicate:

  • First and last name
  • Cell phone number
  • Email
  • Country of residence
  • State ID
  • Postcode

If the card is issued to another person, you must enter the following details of the recipient:

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Cell phone number
  • Sender name
  • Sender's contact phone number
  • Country of Residence
  • State ID
  • Postcode

How to issue a card

Note! Supermarket employees will never ask for a gift card pin. In the event that the attackers are trying to find out any data about the owner's gift card, it is necessary to report to the police department.

How to use Albertsons gift card online.

Buyers can also use online card of the network. To use the e-card, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Albertsons or through the mobile app
  • Pass user authorization
  • Select the product you are interested in
  • Choose a payment method «gift-card»
  • Complete checkout

How to use Albertsons gift card online.

How to pay in a store if only a virtual card is available:

  • Visit any Albertsons store
  • Selected required items
  • Go to the checkout
  • Tell the cashier that you want to pay with an electronic gift card
  • Log in to the mobile application
  • Select the required e-card
  • Show the card to the cashier in the mobile application
  • Wait until the cashier scans the e-card

Note! The gift card is only used as a source of payment for goods in the supermarket chain Albertsons or their partners, it can also be used as a birthday present.

What Stores Can I use a Albertsons gift card?

You can pay by gift card in any of 400 Albertsons stores and 2000 supermarkets of other retail chains. Some of the most popular are: Jewel-Osco, Safeway, Vons, Tom Thumb, Randalls, Pavilions, Carrs, Shaw's Star Markets, Shaw's.

How do I check my Albertsons gift card balance?

There are several ways to check your Albertsons gift card balance.

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A few simple ways to check your balance:

  • View in your account on on this link - check Albertsons gift card balance online
  • Using the mobile application
  • At the checkout of Albertsons supermarkets
  • Call Technical Support at 1-877-932-7948

How can I get gift card at Albertsons?

Note! The balance is updated after each purchase.

Can you return gift cards at Albertsons?

Each customer has the opportunity to withdraw money from an Albertsons gift card, however, this procedure is not supported by every store.

You can redeem your Albertsons Gift Card in a few easy steps:

  • Visit an Albertsons supermarket
  • Go to the checkout
  • Tell the cashier about your desire to cash out
  • Hand over to the cashier
  • Wait until the cashier transfers the money

Note! When withdrawing money, the store takes a commission of 10% or more, depending on the established commissions of the store where the buyer withdraws funds.


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