Fry's Store Gift Card

Fry's Gift Card

Fry's Gift Card - is provided by the store in two versions: plastic and digital ✅, allows you to purchase goods not only in stores of this network, but also in partner stores, the card also allows the buyer to receive exclusive offers and accumulate bonuses as part of the loyalty program ⭐️.

Where Can I Buy a Fry's Gift Card

You can buy a Fry's gift card both online on the company's official website and in a supermarket.

To buy a card in the store, follow these steps:

  • Visit the nearest Fry's store
  • Proceed to the checkout
  • Notify the salesperson at the checkout of the decision to purchase a gift card
  • Fill out an application issued by a store employee
  • Make payment for the order
  • Get a card

In the application for registration, you need to indicate only up-to-date information, since in case of any circumstances the store will not be able to contact the buyer if, for example, an incorrect phone number is indicated.

Where Can I Buy a Fry's Gift Card

To order a gift card online, you need:

  • Follow the link to
  • Move the mouse cursor over the line in the upper left corner «Buy Gift Cards»
  • Click «Our Store Gift Cards»
  • Choose from a list of Fry's cards
  • Next, you should choose between a plastic and a digital card
  • Then you need to specify the denomination
  • Press the «Add to Cart» button
  • After you need to enter payment information
  • Press «PLACE ORDER»

Please note that in order to order a card online, you must have an account on the site or you can order it without registering, but you will need to enter your personal email address.

You can also use gift cards in Fry's stores:

What payment information you need to provide to complete the order:

  • First and last name
  • Home address
  • State
  • City
  • Phone number
  • Postcode
  • Credit card number
  • Secret code
  • Best before date

Note! All input fields are required.

How to use Fry's Gift Card online

Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem a Fry's Gift Card online. However, it is possible to check the balance of the card online.

How to use Fry's Gift Card online

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For all questions, please contact technical support.

Where Can I use Fry's Gift Card

You can pay with a gift card not only in Fry's supermarkets, but also in other stores, such as: Kroger, Gerbes, Foods Co, King Soopers, Ralphs, Pick'n Save, Fred Meyer, Dillons, Ruler, Food 4 Less, QFC, Baker's, Smith's Food and Drug, Jay C Food Store, Mariano's, Pay-Less Super Markets, Metro Market, City Market. You can use the card in the listed stores without any restrictions.

Activate Fry's Gift Card

When ordering a gift card online, it must be activated on the store's website. Since a card without activation will have a zero balance.

To activate you need:

  • Follow the link
  • Enter card number
  • Specify barcode number
  • Press «ADD CARD»

Activate Fry's Gift Card

The card number, as well as the barcode number, is on the back. Also, after activation, the card will receive funds in the amount of the selected denomination.

Do Fry's gift cards expire

Fry's gift cards have no expiration date. There is also no fee for inactivity. But it is worth noting that the store can cancel the card in case of a zero balance and idle time for more than five years.

Can you return a gift card to Fry's

Fry's Gift Card is non-refundable. In case of damage or loss, the card is also not subject to exchange. There is also no exchange for cash.

How Do I check the balance on my Fry's Gift Card

The balance of a gift card can be checked in several ways: at the store's checkout, online on the company's official website, through a mobile application and by calling technical support.

How Do I check the balance on my Fry's Gift Card

To get acquainted with these methods, as well as learn how to check the balance on the card step by step and make sure which of the proposed methods is most suitable for the buyer, follow the link how to check Fry's gift card balance