Target Buy Two Items Get 5$ Gift Card

Buy 2 Get 5$ Target

If you are a frequent shopper at Target then you should know about their great offer, which is that you buy two items get 5$ gift card ⭐️ which you can use next time you pay for your purchases - let's see what you have to do to fulfill the conditions.

How to Get 5$ Gift Card

In order to get a $5 gift-card from Target you will need to buy two identical items of the same product that fall under this offer.

To get it you need to do the following steps:

  • Come to store
  • Choose a product, which is involved in the action
  • Get two promotional position
  • Go to the cash desk to pay for items
  • Get your Gift Card

Before you go to the store, carefully plan which positions you want.

It'll save you a lot of time in the supermarket and you don't have to buy unnecessary things.

Free Target Gift Card

Note! The list of products participating in the action is constantly changing, so check the actual products either when you enter the store or on the official page!


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