Jewel Osco Spend and Save

Jewel Osco Save $5 when spend $25

To save $5 at Jewel Osco, you only need to spend $25 ⭐️ on certain items, how you can get a discount and what actions ✅ you need to take.

How to Save $5

Everyone can save $5 by simply spend $25 shopping at Jewel Osco.

How to get a discount:

  • Purchase items worth $25 or more
  • Payment must be made in one payment

The price of goods may vary depending on the store.

How to Save $5

Items eligible for the discount:

  • Crest, Oral-B or Glide Oral Care
  • Pampers Wipes
  • Pantene Hair Care
  • L. Organic Pads, Liners or Tampons
  • Secret or Old Spice Deodorant
  • Vicks Pure Zzz's or ZzzQuil
  • Olay Bar Soap or Body Wash
  • Venus Intimate Skin and Hair Razor, Cartridges, Cleanser.

This offer only covers products from the list.


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